Nature Now

About Us

Who We Are

Nature Now is a project of Nature Agency, a group of concerned business people, marketers, creatives, communicators, storytellers, and knowledge keepers who believe it’s time to give Nature Her voice. We invite you to join us, to make a meaningful difference in the trajectory of our children and our Planet. Nature Now will play a role to help every human understand and value Nature’s foundational role in supporting all life and human success on our Planet. Through awareness and education campaigns and projects, we seek to meaningfully expand support for global environmental stewardship for Nature. By amplifying Her voice and role in the Planet’s health, we want you to care about Nature and Her vitality. Importantly, we want you to understand your place in the world and how you fit within Nature, with care and empathy. We introduce actions that you can take to make a meaningful difference and advocate for a Nature that can truly sustain us, and every living creature on Earth. 

You are Nature.

Our Partners

Nature Agency is a federally incorporated, Canadian non-profit (1483590-5). We gratefully acknowledge the generous and significant support we have received for our mission from our many partners.

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